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I am Charles Smith III. A UI / UX Designer, and Freelancer residing in Southfield, MI.

I truly enjoy all facets of the design process and consider brainstorming and researching to be the most crucial stages. I enjoy wireframing and prototyping because they bring to life the many iterations that flow from my imagination and creativity.

I have been working professionally as a freelance

designer since 2016. My passion for design began as a kid when I would draw cars all day long as a hobby. I have worked on projects that allowed me to not only showcase my creativity but also tame my own biases and empathize more so with people and learn new steps in researching along the way.

When I am not designing I enjoy drawing and working on cars, spending time with my family,

problem solving and repairing things on my own,

and exercising with my kids.

I look forward to helping clients deliver reputable and sustainable products.

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